Welcome to Decred Voting!

We welcome users from all over the world to use our service for their activities in Decred's Proof-of-Stake governance opportunity. Decred Voting is home to the largest Decred ticket splitting community and we provide community support, resources, and education specifically (but not exclusively) for split tickets.

Our international voting infrastructure will ensure your tickets are successfully voted for, and support is easily reachable in case you have any questions or concerns. Automatic email notifications about your staking activity and an exclusive custom-built ticket analytics dashboard will help you stay up to date with your Decred holdings!

Voting Service Providers (VSPs) allow you to participate in Decred’s proof-of-stake (PoS) system without the need to keep a constantly unlocked wallet or worry about losses due to downtime, flaky internet.

VSPs are used to delegate your voting powers. The VSP can cast a vote on your behalf when a ticket is called to vote. VSPs do not hold, manage, or transfer any of your DCR funds. The VSP cannot steal your funds.

Support email: support@decredvoting.com

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VSP fee: 1%

Proportion: 0.01%

Network: mainnet

Status: Closed

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To encourage decentralization of the network, it is recommended to avoid VSPs that have over 5% of network votes.