• Why can't I join a session?
  • Check to make sure the ticket price is not within 5 blocks of a price adjustment. Also, make sure Decrediton is running and that your wallet is fully loaded. Lastly, read the error message. It is often very indicative of the problem.

  • Where is the split-ticket-buyer config file?
    • Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Splitticketbuyer\
    • Debian Linux: ~/.splitticketbuyer/
    • MacOS:
  • Why is my balance incorrect after splitting a ticket?
  • Decrediton doesn't fully know how to interpret split tickets. The ticket should still be visible on the Tickets page in Decrediton, but your locked balance will be incorrect.

  • How does voting work with split tickets?
  • See my post on the subject here. You can check your purchase confirmation email to see if you were selected as the voter for your split ticket.

  • Do I need to keep my wallet open?
  • Yes! Your wallet and split-tickt-buyer must remain open until the session fills up and the ticket purchase goes through.

  • What is the reward for purchasing a split ticket?
  • Your reward is proportional to the amount that you contribute to the session. If you contribute 50% the price of a ticket, you will receive 50% of the reward.


Ticket splitting allows individual holders of DCR to trustlessly team up to purchase a single Decred Proof-of-Stake ticket. Having multiple split tickets instead of a single full ticket will help align your ticket voting frequency closer to that of the network average vote time (~28 days). The ticket splitting utility was developed by Decred Contractor Matheus Degiovani (GitHub) and is open source.


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